Medicare 2019 Terms & Changes introduced

Those who are 65+ can avail Medicare and are legal permanent residents or US citizens. Besides this, the person or his spouse is to have worked for about 40 quarters (10 years). Even few people under 65 can qualify for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, if they suffer specific type of disabilities and tend to meet the guidelines.

Medicare Part A and B

These are provided by the government.

  • Part A: Premium is not paid by many for Part A to cover inpatient care in skilled nursing facility, hospitals, hospice care stays and home health care. This is because, while working the person gets paid within the system. However, coinsurance is after sixty days and an amount of $1,316 as deductible.
  • Part B: It is termed to be medical insurance providing coverage for healthcare provider and physician visits, home health care, outpatient care, preventive services and durable medical equipment. $134 is the premium amount while $183 is deductible. Part B has been designed for 80% of all medical expenses to be borne by the government.
  • Part C: It is known as Medicare Advantage, combining Part A & B including additional benefits like prescription drug coverage, vision or dental coverage. Premium can be Zero or additional premium levied upon based upon the benefits.
  • Part D: Medicare Prescription Drug Plan along with costs ranging between $15 and $100 will be covered by private insurance companies. They have approved drug list.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 and options                 

Since all healthcare cost is not covered by Medicare, such policies are called Medigap. They tend to cover all or some of the costs which are not included with Part A and B. However, medications are not covered under this plan and Medicare Part A and B can come with additional premiums. To learn more visit



People in huge numbers may select combining these for obtaining possible comprehensive coverage. For instance,

  • Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 comprising of Medicare Part A, B & D (to provide prescription drug coverage)
  • Medicare Advantage Plans (Part-C) comprising of Medicare Part A and B. Part D is included with most of the Part C plans for covering prescription drugs.

Other essential Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 facts

  • It is not possible to have both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan
  • Part C or D plan can be changed annually during yearly enrolment period. For 2019, it is from 15 October – 7, December, 2017.

Discussing with the professionals can help the person to know more about Medicare plans.